Colorado Springs – World Arena, Mark “PA” Sertich, Pueblo Ice Arena, & Iron Horse Gym  

(09/06 – current)

Figure Skating and Group Choreographer/Coach/Off-ice Training & Fitness Instructor/NOI & Show Director

Mark “PA” Sertich – I started working at Sertich Ice Arena in September of 2006.  I have instructed Learn to Skate classes with varying levels from Snowplow 1 to Free Skate 6.  Within a year I have developed private student clientele and became the Programs Ice and Show Director of Centennial SC from 2007-2012, and served as a board member of Centennial Skating club 2007-2010.

Pueblo Ice Arena – I began working at Pueblo in September of 2006 with Learn to Skate classes from Snowplow1 to Specialty Classes.  Very quickly I obtained private student clientele and worked with the LTS introductory of specialized classes in Jumps and Spins, AIM, & Synchro. Currently, I am mainly working private lessons on Mondays.

 World Arena – I have been instructing at World Arena Ice Hall since November of 2006.  I am currently coaching at World Arena as a Non-Resident Coach.

 Iron Horse Gym, Fort Carson, CO – I initiated my employment as a fitness instructor in Step in March 2007.  In August 2007 took over the A.M. Cardio Mix classes.  I am able to teach and have taught other discipline of classes such as Kick-boxing, Interval, and 20/20/20 (Body Blitz) classes on short notice.  My classes have increased in attendance and every class concludes with happy, content fitness exercisers eager to ask questions and to attend the next class.  Current class of expertise is Xpress Toning.


Louisville Skating Academy, Iceland Sports Complex    Louisville, KY  

(09/04 – 08/06)

Figure Skating and Group Coach/Choreographer/Off-ice Training Director/Sport Nutritionist

In September of 2004 I started working with LSA as a Group Instructor of Figure Skating, and gained private students by the end of the year and was a full-time coach and choreographer.  I had created an off-ice training regimen for the figure skating athletes, as well as counseled about nutrition and proper athletic dieting habits.  In October 2005, I had two skaters compete at Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships and had an Intermediate pass her Junior MIF.  December 2005 I was choreography chair of the LSA’s “Nutcracker On Ice” show where I had choreographed a two dozen group number performance, eight soloists, four small group numbers, and the entire show’s transitional interludes. 

In December 2007 I was flown back to Louisville, KY to choreograph their 4th Annual Nutcracker on Ice Show.  I was in charge of the large group numbers as well as several soloists and small group numbers.  Personal experience and achievements as a member of LSA team includes:  winning Gold, Silver, and Pewter in 2006 U.S. Adult National Championships in Master Senior FS, Masters Interpretive and Championship Masters; as well as completing my Pre-Gold Dance Test level and passing my USFS Gold Quickstep Dance.


Chaparral Ice    Austin, TX  

(05/01 – 08/04)

Figure Skating and Group Coach/Choreographer/Hip-hop and Yoga Instructor  

In May I began working at Chaparral Ice as an intern for University of Texas and began conducting and managing paperwork and book maintenance for the group Learn-to-Skate program.  Shortly after, I began working as a group skating instructor in teaching the basics of figure skating to groups of five to ten skaters of all levels and ages.  I then began working one on one with young and adult skaters in teaching more specific techniques in order for them to obtain their own individual goals.  By September ‘01, the skating school director and I had decided to add a dance and yoga class to our off-ice program.  In my last five months of service at Chaparral Ice, I had been appointed to Learn-to-Skate director to help create a smooth transition during changes of management, protocol, and systems.  My 3 ½ years at Chaparral Ice was mainly focused on coaching private students ranging from Basic Skills to Intermediate levels, choreographing competitive, show, and special event programs and routines for individuals and groups, and conducting off-ice classes for recreational, fitness and cross-training purposes.  For our annual seasonal shows and programs, I had skated several characters to life including:

the Grinch from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”;
In Special Event...FANTASICE:
Old-time Skater -“Blue Danube”,
Hungarian Dancer -“Hungarian Dance #5”;
Cast Member -“Claire De Lune”;
Can-Can Dancer -“Offenbach’s Can-Can”; and
Village Cast/Bullfighter’s Fellows (playing male skater) -“The Story of Carmen”, and
Wo"Men" in Black #1 of 3 -“Men in Black - "Halloween Spooktacular 2003”.  

From August 2002 to August 2004 I had also taken several USFS tests achieving Gold (Senior) MIF, Gold (Senior) Free, and Silver Dance, and up to the Pre-Gold Starlight Waltz.


AcroTex Gymnastics and Cheer  Georgetown, TX  

(07/00 - 03/01)

Gymnastics Coach/Choreographer/Hip-hop and Ballet Dance Instructor  

When hired at AcroTex I was trained to teach recreational gymnastic groups and programs four days a week for 3-4 hours a day.  I was also brought on board to create and instruct a diverse dance program from ballet to hip-hop, with the future additions of modern dance, jazz, and tap.  Along with teaching groups of 8-9 gymnasts I taught groups of 4-10 dancers for four hours a week and additional private lessons when scheduled.  With the gymnasts I taught beginner to intermediate levels of gymnastic elements and style.  For dance I instructed the fundamentals and explorations of ballet and hip-hop, and to choreograph routines that were to be performed in the annual End-of-Season Exhibitions.  Additional services would include Fun Friday of monitoring 40+ kids with 3+ fellow coaches, birthday parties of 20+ kids with one other coach, and overnight lock-ins with 50+ kids with accommodating coaches of every ten count and gender ratio.




YMCA—Youth Fitness Programs New City , NY  

(09/99 - 05/00)

Dance Choreographer/ Dance and Fitness Instructor  

At the YMCA, I had a position as a dance instructor that worked with kindergarteners to fifth graders in the YMCA’s after-school program.  The program allowed me to develop dance routines with children ranging in ages five to ten. There were two major shows that were performed at the Laurel Plains Elementary School, ‘First Annual Talent Show’ & ‘Spring Fling Dance Swing’, where several of choreographed routines were performed by these young dancers/students. Two routines in this show had a precision team performance of eleven dancers with ages of six to nine.



Lucille Roberts Nanuet , NY  

(10/98 - 05/00)

Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Nutritionist  

In Lucille Roberts Health Club I was a fitness instructor in aerobics, yoga, kick boxing, and step. I created aerobic routines with various steps and levels, hand and arm movements, with increasing or decreasing momentum depending on what class it is and how everyone was following. As a personal trainer, I worked with individuals to help them achieve their personal goals and desires of a unique quality work-out routine set to their body types, diet, and physical well being. As a nutritionist, I worked with the members on obtaining a healthy life style of eating without living on boxed foods or eating by a planned schedule. For each person, I would look at there normal eating habits and add, substitute, or even subtract from what they are normally accustomed to and we would keep a record of maintenance in making sure everything was going well.




Sport-O-Rama Monsey , NY  

(10/98 - 03/99)

Skating Instructor  

Along side other instructors, my job was to teach the USFSA Basic Skills to skaters of age 5 to Adults and teach private lessons when scheduled. I had no hesitation in substituting for all levels and taught groups of birthday parties with routines, technique teaching, and on-ice games.


 Tate Rink—U.S. Military Academy West Point , NY  

 (09/97 - 05/98)

Skate Guard/Assistant Office Management  

I managed public skating sessions and maintained order with the public recreational skaters. In the office, I rented out ice skating equipment, ran off sales, and conducted the daily paper work and close-out procedures. Part of the job included keeping the equipment room stocked with freshly sharpened skates and well laced boots for next day’s use, supplies for the vending machine and soda machines, as well as monitoring inventory and ordering supplies.


Holleder Arena—U.S. Military Academy West Point, NY 

(08/97 - 03/98)

U.S.M.A. Department of Phys. Ed. Instructor  

As a skating instructor at the United States Military Academy on a team of instructors, I taught West Point Cadets figure skating as their furthering physical activities class—a.k.a. physical education class. The Cadets were to learn the ISI basic skills format in addition to more advanced USFS fundamental elements such as crossovers into spirals, jumps and spins, and creating routines thereof.  At the end of each semester, I was the A.I. (Assisting Instructor) to encourage the Cadets in choreographing a mini 1½ minute required movement routine for their Finals, and assisting in mastering elements that were causing difficulty in accomplishing.