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  Should you need to cancel or reschedule lessons, 24 hour notice is appreciated. However, I understand that this is not always possible and will make exceptions on a case by case basis. We will make up the missed lesson(s) at the most convenient time available or credit will be given onto next lesson purchases. Yet, due to working at various rinks throughout the day, if cancellation of lesson is given less than 2 hours prior to lesson time, then the lesson will be charged regardless. If 3 unexplained absences are made, an automatic dismissal of future lessons will take place and another coach will need to be hired. In the event you would like to decrease or discontinue lessons, I would appreciate the consideration of 2 weeks notice, so preparations and arrangements can be made. There are no refunds for missed lessons; credit is put toward coaching lesson(s) or choreography session(s) at a later time.

~Skaters with first lesson of the day, a call the night before MUST be made to cancel.  If notification is made within 1 hour of session start with scheduled lesson, lesson will be charged regardless.  So as an athlete, do plan to wake at least an hour and a half before the start of skating session.

HOURS of Phone Communication: 0500-1900 hours (5am-7pm); unless calling to cancel first lesson of day.