Ice Theatre of Colorado Costs

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This year's major expense among the team members are for the National & International Theater on Ice Championships in Troy, OH and optional National Showcase Competition in Bourne, MA.

In addition, the following expenses are required to cover Ice Fees, USFS Theatre on Ice Team Membership, Coaching, Choreography, and Music Editing:

     · There is a one time purchase of a team suit throughout the skater’s participation on the team $170.  This includes jacket, pants, logo and skaters name on jacket and pants.

Fittings will be done at the Audition.  A $70 deposit will be expected at time of fitting, and remainder due at suit pick-up.  Please make checks out to ITC - Dianna-lynne Wells.

     · Price is by per month, for a total of 6 months from March to the end of August. Price per skater, per month is divided among the team members.  Discounts are given for siblings and skaters crossing over on both teams.  Exact amount will be decided on Audition Day.  The range is $100 - $200 depending on the number of auditioning skaters.

     · Competition costumes, fees, and travel expenses are not included, but will be kept to a minimum cost and split evenly among the team members.