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We are proud to be Colorado Springs' First and Only competitive Theater on Ice teams.

Ice Theatre of Colorado's mission is to provide a competitive atmosphere within the sport of figure skating that incorporates a team effort and performance experience within the professional arena of the skating world. 

The following dates provided are the major events for this year.

ICE THEATRE of COLORADO team, unfortunately, is no longer competing as interest and funding has declined. Thank you for expressing your curiosity of Theatre on Ice in Colorado Springs, CO.

Dianna-lynne Wells, Director of ITC.


o    Auditions: skaters must have prepared a 1:00 to 2:40 minute max program prepared to demonstrate their showmanship, athletic ability, technical elements, basic skating skills (edges, turns, etc.), and over-all presentation of the performance as a whole.  Artistic/Showcase Programs are warmly welcomed.  If a program is not prepared, a general audition will be performed of skaters learning a mini-routine that will be performed on ice as a group without the assistance of the choreographer.



~June 24 - 26: Nat’l & Int’l Theater on Ice Championships, Troy, OH.  This event is the qualifier for 2011’s World TOI Championships (which will be held in the USA).

~July 14 – 18 (-ish): Vail Invitational, Vail, CO.

~August 4 – 7 (-ish): National Showcase, Bourne, MA. (Intro Team is not eligible to compete) [This competition is OPTIONAL for skaters that would like to compete nationally and are competing in other events.]

~September 14-19: CSI, Colorado Springs, CO (End of Year Exhibition).

Team Qualification & Eligibility:

     · Skaters must be a USFS Member either through a club or individual membership; and in good standing with their club or membership.

     · Level Team: Skaters of any age must have passed at least the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test by April 26th, 2010.  Must be at least Freeskate 4; (Freeskate 3 skaters currently in their LTS semester may audition if 100% Passing Verification from LTS  Group Instructor or USFS Private Coach is turned in at time of Audition Registration.  Verification must have Instructor's/Coach's name, statement of current passing status, signature, and contact information.)

     · Adult Team: Skaters 18 years of age or older (as of September 1st 2009) must have passed at least the Pre-Preliminary MIF, Pre-Bronze MIF, or 1 of the Pre-Bronze dances by April 26th, 2010.  There is no minimum level for this division.

     · Introductory Team: Skaters under the age of 18 (as of September 1st 2009) must have passed at least the USFS Learn-To-Skate Basic Skill 4 level by April 1st 2010.  Must be currently enrolled in a level from Basic 5 and above at time of sign up.  LTS Basic Skill level will be verified by either presenting the latest test level badge, LTS coach signed level passed in the LTS Basic Skills student manual, or contact information of the skater’s LTS School Director/Administrator.  NO USFS Freeskate Test (Pre-Preliminary - Senior) can be taken.  A skater may have passed the Pre-Preliminary - Pre-Juvenile MIF ONLY.

***Skaters unable to achieve their minimum USFS test/LTS level will have to assume the role of alternate during competitions or be dismissed from the team without refund.

2009 Novice Team Photos