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I will expect all skaters to arrive to their lessons and sessions On Time and well warmed-up (at least 10-15 minutes off-ice work); and to respect all other skaters, coaches, and rules of the rink and sport. Failure to do so will result in wasted effort or even dismissal from the lesson and/or session. I coach in a tactile and comprehensive style and enforce self-discipline. My disappointment only lies in the disrespect displayed from the skater toward self and others. 
~Parents, be supportive and reassuring of your skater(s). 
Do not coach your child, rather reinforce self-reliance and remind lessons taught. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns. 
~Skaters, I look forward to working with you during your skating endeavors and speaking with you soon regarding your goals for the season.
Let’s SK8 GR8!
Dianna-lynne Webster Wells
PSA Senior Rated, Level III Ranking, USFS Category A Registered  Nat'l & Int'l Coach/Choreographer